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von Gamm, M. et al.: Immune homeostasis and regulation of the interferon pathway require myeloid-derived Regnase-3. J. Exp. Med. 216, 1700-1723 (2019)
Schneider, A.E. et al.: Epidemiologische Studien mit Umweltbezug in Deutschland. Bundesgesundheitsbl.-Gesund. 61, 697-709 (2018)
Echtler, K.* et al.: Platelet GPIIb supports initial pulmonary retention but inhibits subsequent proliferation of melanoma cells during hematogenic metastasis. PLoS ONE 12:e0172788 (2017)
Li, M.* et al.: SOS2 and ACP1 loci identified through large-scale exome chip analysis regulate kidney development and function. J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. 28, 981-994 (2017)
Hubmann, M.* et al.: Occurrence, risk factors and outcome of adenovirus infection in adult recipients of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. J. Clin. Virol. 82, 33-40 (2016)
Tischer, J.* et al.: Virus infection in HLA-haploidentical hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: Incidence in the context of immune recovery in two different transplantation settings. Ann. Hematol. 94, 1677-1688 (2015)
Kierdorf, K.* et al.: Microglia emerge from erythromyeloid precursors via Pu.1- and Irf8-dependent pathways. Nat. Neurosci. 16, 273-280 (2013)
von Brühl, M.L.* et al.: Monocytes, neutrophils, and platelets cooperate to initiate and propagate venous thrombosis in mice in vivo. J. Exp. Med. 209, 819-835 (2012)
Schulz, C.* et al.: EMMPRIN (CD147/basigin) mediates platelet-monocyte interactions in vivo and augments monocyte recruitment to the vascular wall. J. Thromb. Haemost. 9, 1007-1019 (2011)
Schulz, C.* et al.: Identification of novel downstream targets of platelet glycoprotein VI activation by differential proteome analysis: Implications for thrombus formation. Blood 115, 4102-4110 (2010)
Kraetzel, K.* et al.: NKG2D-dependent effector function of bronchial epithelium activated alloreactive T cells. Eur. Respir. J. 32, 1-8 (2008)
Schulz, C.* et al.: Platelet GPVI binds to collagenous structures in the core region of human atheromatous plaque and is critical for atheroprogression in vivo. Basic Res. Cardiol. 103, 356-367 (2008)
Boeck, S.* et al.: Oral capecitabine in gemcitabine-pretreated patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. Oncology 73, 221-227 (2007)
Grothusen, C.* et al.: EXP3179 inhibits collagen-dependent platelet activation via glycoprotein receptor-VI independent of AT1-receptor antagonism: Potential impact on atherothrombosis. Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 27, 1184-1190 (2007)
Schulz, C.* et al.: Chemokine fractalkine mediates leukocyte recruitment to inflammatory endothelial cells in flowing whole blood: A critical role for P-selectin expressed on activated platelets. Circulation 116, 764-773 (2007)
Massberg, S.* et al.: Platelets secrete stromal cell-derived factor 1 alpha and recruit bone marrow-derived progenitor cells to arterial thrombi in vivo. J. Exp. Med. 203, 1-13 (2006)
Heinrich, J. et al.: Nicotine and cotinine in adults' urine: The German environmental survey 1998. J. Expo. Anal. Environ. Epidemiol. 15, 74-80 (2005)
Loy, A.* et al.: 16S rRNA gene-based oligonucleotide microarray for environmental monitoring of the betaproteobacterial order "Rhodocyclales". Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 71, 1373-1386 (2005)
Massberg, S.* et al.: Platelet Adhesion via Glycoprotein IIb Integrin is Critical for Atheroprogression and Focal Cerebral Ischemia. Circulation 112, 1180-1188 (2005)
Cabeza, N.* et al.: Surface expression of collagen receptor Fc receptor-gamma/glycoprotein VI is enhanced on platelets in type 2 diabetes and mediates release of CD40 ligand and activation of endothelial cells. Diabetes 53, 2117-2121 (2004)