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Keller, S.* et al.: Effects of trastuzumab and afatinib on kinase activity in gastric cancer cell lines. Mol. Oncol. 12, 441-462 (2018)
Keller, S.* et al.: Evaluation of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling effects in gastric cancer cell lines by detailed motility-focused phenotypic characterization linked with molecular analysis. BMC Cancer 17:845 (2017)
Luber, B.* et al.: Identification of predictive response and resistance factors to targeted therapy in gastric cancer using a systems medicine approach. Eur. J. Cancer 68, S135-S135 (2016)
Hirsch, O.* et al.: Low back pain patient subgroups in primary care - pain characteristics, psychosocial determinants and health care utilization. Clin. J. Pain 30, 1023-1032 (2014)
Renpenning, J.* et al.: Combined C and Cl isotope effects indicate differences between corrinoids and enzyme (Sulfurospirillum multivorans PceA) in reductive dehalogenation of tetrachloroethene, but not trichloroethene. Environ. Sci. Technol. 48, 11837-11845 (2014)
Szymczak, W. et al.: Online breath gas analysis in unrestrained mice by hs-PTR-MS. Mamm. Genome 25, 129-140 (2014)
Jacso, T. et al.: The mechanism of denaturation and the unfolded state of the α-helical membrane-associated protein Mistic. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135, 18884-18891 (2013)
Becker, A.* et al.: Implementation of a guideline for low back pain management in primary care: A cost-effectiveness analysis. Spine 37, 701-710 (2012)
Heindl, S.* et al.: Relevance of MET activation and genetic alterations of KRAS and E-cadherin for cetuximab sensitivity of gastric cancer cell lines. J. Cancer Res. Clin. Oncol. 138, 843-858 (2012)
Jacso, T. et al.: Characterization of membrane proteins in isolated native cellular membranes by dynamic nuclear polarization solid-state NMR spectroscopy without purification and reconstitution. Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit. 51, 432-435 (2012)
Kneissl, J.* et al.: Association of amphiregulin with the cetuximab sensitivity of gastric cancer cell lines. Int. J. Oncol. 41, 733-744 (2012)