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Heikenwälder, M. & Borsig, L.*: Pathways of metastasizing intestinal cancer cells revealed: How will fighting metastases at the site of cancer cell arrest affect drug development? Future Oncol. 9, 1-4 (2013)
Huang, L.R.* et al.: Intrahepatic myeloid-cell aggregates enable local proliferation of CD8+ T cells and successful immunotherapy against chronic viral liver infection. Nat. Immunol. 14, 574-583 (2013)
Kierdorf, K.* et al.: Microglia emerge from erythromyeloid precursors via Pu.1- and Irf8-dependent pathways. Nat. Neurosci. 16, 273-280 (2013)
Krebs, K.M. et al.: T cells expressing a chimeric antigen receptor that binds hepatitis B virus envelope proteins control virus replication in mice. Gastroenterology 145, 456-465 (2013)
Kruglov, A.A.* et al.: Nonredundant function of soluble LTα3 produced by innate lymphoid cells in intestinal homeostasis. Science 342, 1243-1246 (2013)
Ludwig, T.* et al.: Metabolic and immunomodulatory effects of n-3 fatty acids are different in mesenteric and epididymal adipose tissue of diet-induced obese mice. Am. J. Physiol. Endocrinol. Metab. 304, E1140-E1156 (2013)
Ringelhan, M. ; Heikenwälder, M. & Protzer, U.: Direct effects of hepatitis B virus-encoded proteins and chronic infection in liver cancer development. Dig. Dis. 31, 138-151 (2013)
Sprinzl, M.F. et al.: Sorafenib perpetuates cellular anti-cancer effector functions by modulating the cross talk between macrophages and natural killer cells. Hepatology 57, 2358-2368 (2013)
Vogel, K.U. et al.: Roquin paralogs 1 and 2 redundantly repress the Icos and Ox40 costimulator mRNAs and control follicular helper T cell differentiation. Immunity 38, 655-668 (2013)
Vucur, M.* et al.: RIP3 inhibits inflammatory hepatocarcinogenesis but promotes cholestasis by controlling caspase-8- and JNK-dependent compensatory cell proliferation. Cell Rep. 4, 776-790 (2013)
Willimsky, G.* ; Protzer, U. ; Knolle, P.* & Heikenwälder, M.: Adoptive T-cell therapy to treat liver cancer: Is the liver microenvironment key? Oncotarget 4, 1117-1118 (2013)
Xia, Y. et al.: Interferon-alpha eliminates HBV cccDNA via base excision repair pathway. J. Hepatol. 58, S57 (2013)
Xia, Y. et al.: Interferons induce degradation of HBV CccDNA. Hepatology 58, 274A-275A (2013)
Attems, J.* et al.: Clusters of secretagogin-expressing neurons in the aged human olfactory tract lack terminal differentiation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109, 6259-6264 (2012)
Bauer, J. et al.: Lymphotoxin, NF-ĸB, and cancer: The dark side of cytokines. Dig. Dis. 30, 453-468 (2012)
Boettcher, S.* et al.: Cutting edge: LPS-induced emergency myelopoiesis depends on TLR4-expressing nonhematopoietic cells. J. Immunol. 188, 5824-5828 (2012)
Chew, V.* et al.: Chemokine-driven lymphocyte infiltration: An early intratumoural event determining long-term survival in resectable hepatocellular carcinoma. Gut 61, 427-438 (2012)
Chew, V.* et al.: Toll-like receptor 3 expressing tumor parenchyma and infiltrating natural killer cells in hepatocellular carcinoma patients. J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 104, 1796-1807 (2012)
Hoos, A.* ; Wolf, M.J.* ; Bauer, J. ; Borsig, L.* & Heikenwälder, M.: Endothelial chemokine receptors as facilitators of tumor cell extravasation? Oncotarget 3, 919-920 (2012)
Huang, L.R.* et al.: Transfer of HBV genomes using low doses of adenovirus vectors leads to persistent infection in immune competent mice. Gastroenterology 142, 1447-1450 (2012)