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Jeltsch, K. et al.: Cleavage of roquin and regnase-1 by the paracaspase MALT1 releases their cooperatively repressed targets to promote TH17 differentiation. Nat. Immunol. 15, 1079-1089 (2014)
Krebs, K.M. et al.: T cells redirected by a chimeric antigen receptor recognizing HBSAG efficiently control hbv in vivo in transgenic mice. Cytotherapy 16, S9 (2014)
Lucifora, J. et al.: Specific and nonhepatotoxic degradation of nuclear hepatitis B virus cccDNA. Science 343, 1221-1228 (2014)
Lucifora, J. et al.: Dégradation spécifique de l´ADN nucléaire responsable de la persistance du virus de l´hépatite B. Med. Sci. (Paris) 30, 724-726 (2014)
Ringelhan, M. ; Reisinger, F. ; Yuan, D.T. ; Weber, A.* & Heikenwälder, M.: Modeling human liver cancer heterogeneity: Virally induced transgenic models and mouse genetic models of chronic liver inflammation. Curr. Protoc. Pharmacol. 67, 14.31.1-14.31.17 (2014)
Rothhammer, V.* et al.: α4-integrins control viral meningoencephalitis through differential recruitment of T helper cell subsets. Acta Neuropathol. Commun. 2:27 (2014)
Schölzel, K.* et al.: Transfer of MHC-class-I molecules among liver sinusoidal cells facilitates hepatic immune surveillance. J. Hepatol. 61, 600-608 (2014)
Seleznik, G.M.* ; Zöller, J. ; O'Connor, T. ; Graf, R.* & Heikenwälder, M.: The role of lymphotoxin signaling in the development of autoimmune pancreatitis and associated secondary extra-pancreatic pathologies. Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 25, 125-137 (2014)
Seleznik, G.M.* ; Reding, T.* ; Sonda, S.* ; Heikenwälder, M. & Graf, R.*: Lymphotoxin promotes acinar cell reprogramming and accelerates pre-neoplastic conversion in Kras induced pancreatic tumorigenesis. Pancreas 43, 1406 (2014)
Simonavicius, N. et al.: Lymphotoxin signalling alters the vasculature to increase tumour cell metastasis. Eur. J. Cancer 50, S88 (2014)
Unger, K. & Heikenwälder, M.: Analysis of chromosomal aberrations in murine HCC. Methods Mol. Biol. 1193, 213-226 (2014)
Waldschmitt, N.* et al.: C/EBP homologous protein inhibits tissue repair in response to gut injury and is inversely regulated with chronic inflammation. Mucosal Immunol. 7, 1452-1466 (2014)
Wolf, M.J.* et al.: Metabolic activation of intrahepatic CD8+ T cells and NKT cells causes nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and liver cancer via cross-talk with hepatocytes. Cancer Cell 26, 549-564 (2014)
Wyler, L.* et al.: Brain metastasis in renal cancer patients: Metastatic pattern, tumour-associated macrophages and chemokine/chemoreceptor expression. Br. J. Cancer 110, 686-694 (2014)
Xia, Y. ; Lucifora, J. ; Reisinger, F. ; Heikenwälder, M. & Protzer, U.: Response to comment on "Specific and nonhepatotoxic degradation of nuclear hepatitis B virus cccDNA". Science 344:1237 (2014)
Yabal, M.* et al.: XIAP restricts TNF- and RIP3-dependent cell death and inflammasome activation. Cell Rep. 7, 1796-1808 (2014)
Yabal, M.* et al.: Aberrant TNF signalling in dendritic cells in the absence of XIAP contributes to X-linked lymphoproliferative disease (XLP-2) by exaggerated necroptosis. Oncol. Res. Treat. 37, 246 (2014)
Borsig, L.* ; Wolf, M.J.* ; Roblek, M.* ; Lorentzen, A.R. & Heikenwälder, M.: Inflammatory chemokines and metastasis - tracing the accessory. Oncogene 33, 3217-3224 (2013)
Felmy, B.* et al.: NADPH oxidase deficient mice develop colitis and bacteremia upon infection with normally avirulent, TTSS-1- and TTSS-2-deficient Salmonella typhimurium. PLoS ONE 8:e77204 (2013)
Goldmann, T.* et al.: A new type of microglia gene targeting shows TAK1 to be pivotal in CNS autoimmune inflammation. Nat. Neurosci. 16, 1618-1626 (2013)