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Jesinghaus, M.* et al.: Cellular dissociation grading based on the parameters tumor budding and cell nest size in pretherapeutic biopsy specimens allows for prognostic patient stratification in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma independent from clinical staging. Am. J. Surg. Pathol. 43, 618-627 (2019)
Weber, J.* et al.: PiggyBac transposon tools for recessive screening identify B-cell lymphoma drivers in mice. Nat. Commun. 10:1415 (2019)
Lorentzen, A.R. et al.: Single cell polarity in liquid phase facilitates tumour metastasis. Nat. Commun. 9:887 (2018)
Mueller, S.* et al.: Evolutionary routes and KRAS dosage define pancreatic cancer phenotypes. Nature 554, 62-68 (2018)
Mueller, S.* et al.: Evolutionary trajectories and KRAS gene dosage define pancreatic cancer phenotypes. Cancer Res. 78 (2018)
Rahn, S.* et al.: Diabetes as risk factor for pancreatic cancer: Hyperglycemia promotes epithelial-mesenchymal-transition and stem cell properties in pancreatic ductal epithelial cells. Cancer Lett. 415, 129-150 (2018)
Flisikowska, T.* et al.: Porcine familial adenomatous polyposis model enables systematic analysis of early events in adenoma progression. Sci. Rep. 7:6613 (2017)
Jung, B. et al.: Novel small molecules targeting ciliary transport of smoothened and oncogenic Hedgehog pathway activation. Sci. Rep. 6:22540 (2016)
Lesina, M.* et al.: RelA regulates CXCL1/CXCR2-dependent oncogene-induced senescence in murine Kras-driven pancreatic carcinogenesis. J. Clin. Invest. 126, 2919-2932 (2016)
Maresch, R.* et al.: Multiplexed pancreatic genome engineering and cancer induction by transfection-based CRISPR/Cas9 delivery in mice. Nat. Commun. 7:10770 (2016)
Neff, F.* et al.: Targeting notch for myeloid reprogramming in pancreatic cancer. Oncol. Res. Treat. 39, 16 (2016)
Neff, F.* et al.: Notch triggers myeloid reprogramming in murine pancreatic cancer. Eur. J. Cancer 51, S2 (2015)
Weber, J.* et al.: CRISPR/Cas9 somatic multiplex-mutagenesis for high-throughput functional cancer genomics in mice. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 112, 13982-13987 (2015)
Schönhuber, N.* et al.: A next-generation dual-recombinase system for time- and host-specific targeting of pancreatic cancer. Nat. Med. 20, 1340-1347 (2014)
Merkl, C.* et al.: Efficient generation of rat induced pluripotent stem cells using a non-viral inducible vector. PLoS ONE 8:e55170 (2013)
Brandl, M.* et al.: IKKα controls canonical TGFß-SMAD signaling to regulate genes expressing SNAIL and SLUG during EMT in panc1 cells. J. Cell Sci. 123, 4231-4239 (2010)
Fritsche, P.* et al.: HDAC2 mediates therapeutic resistance of pancreatic cancer cells via the BH3-only protein NOXA. Gut 58, 1399-1409 (2009)
Khasawneh, J.* et al.: Inflammation and mitochondrial fatty acid beta-oxidation link obesity to early tumor promotion. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 106, 3354-3359 (2009)