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Jensen, L.R.* et al.: A mouse model for intellectual disability caused by mutations in the X-linked 2′‑O‑methyltransferase Ftsj1 gene. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Mol. Basis Dis., accepted (2018)
Rothhammer, V.* et al.: α4-integrins control viral meningoencephalitis through differential recruitment of T helper cell subsets. Acta Neuropathol. Commun. 2:27 (2014)
Grzmil, P.* et al.: Targeted disruption of the mouse Npal3 gene leads to deficits in behavior, increased IgE levels, and impaired lung function. Cytogenet. Genome Res. 125, 186-200 (2009)
Isensee, J.* et al.: Expression pattern of G protein-coupled receptor 30 in LacZ reporter mice. Endocrinology 150, 1722-1730 (2009)
Poeck, H.* et al.: 5'-Triphosphate-siRNA: Turning gene silencing and Rig-I activation against melanoma. J. Nat. Med. 14, 1256-1263 (2007)
Wiethe, C.* et al.: Interdependency of MHC class II/self-peptide and CD1d/self-glycolipid presentation by TNF-matured dendritic cells for protection from autoimmunity. J. Immunol. 178, 4908-4916 (2007)
Gailus-Durner, V. et al.: Mäuse als Modelle für menschliche Erkrankungen. GenomXPress 2, 7-10 (2005)
Fleischer, K.* et al.: Melanoma-reactive class I-restricted cytotoxic T cell clones are stimulated by dendritic cells loaded with synthetic peptides, but fail to respond to dendritic cells pulsed with melanoma-derived heat shock proteins in vitro. J. Immunol. 172, 162-169 (2004)
Huster, K.M.* et al.: Selective expression of IL-7 receptor on memory T cells identifies early CD40L-dependent generation of distinct CD8+ memory T cell subsets. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 101, 5610-5615 (2004)
Wölfl, M.* et al.: Quantification of MHC tetramer-positive cells from whole blood: Evaluation of a single-platform, six-parameter flow cytometric method. Cytometry A 57A, 120-130 (2004)