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Smida, J. et al.: Genome-wide analysis of somatic copy number alterations and chromosomal breakages in osteosarcoma. Int. J. Cancer 141, 816-828 (2017)
Grau, S.J.* et al.: Podoplanin increases migration and angiogenesis in malignant glioma. Int. J. Clin. Exp. Pathol. 8, 8663-8670 (2015)
Giannopoulou, E.Z. et al.: Effect of a single autologous cord blood infusion on beta-cell and immune function in children with new onset type 1 diabetes: A non-randomized, controlled trial. Pediatr. Diabetes 15, 100-109 (2014)
Bauer, F.* ; Filipiak-Pittroff, B. ; Wawer, A.* ; von Luettichau, I.* & Burdach, S.*: Escalating topotecan in combination with treosulfan has acceptable toxicity in advanced pediatric sarcomas. Pediatr. Hematol. Oncol. 30, 263-272 (2013)
Baumhoer, D. et al.: MicroRNA profiling with correlation to gene expression revealed the oncogenic miR-17-92 cluster to be up-regulated in osteosarcoma. Cancer Genet. 205, 212-219 (2012)
Baumhoer, D. et al.: Strong expression of CXCL12 is associated with a favorable outcome in osteosarcoma. Mod. Pathol. 25, 522-528 (2012)
Richter, G.H.S.* et al.: EZH2 is a mediator of EWS/FLI1 driven tumor growth and metastasis blocking endothelial and neuro-ectodermal differentiation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 106, 5324-5329 (2009)
Djafarzadeh, R.* et al.: GPI-anchored TIMP-1 treatment renders renal cell carcinoma sensitive to FAS-mediated killing. Oncogene 25, 1496-1508 (2006)
von Luettichau, I.* et al.: Mononuclear infiltrates in osteosarcoma and chemokine receptor expression. Clin. Cancer Res. 12, 5253-5254 (2006)