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Istvanffy, R.* et al.: Stroma-derived connective tissue growth factor maintains cell cycle progression and repopulation activity of hematopoietic stem cells in vitro. Stem Cell Rep. 5, 702-715 (2015)
Arnold, M. ; Ellwanger, D.C. ; Hartsperger, M.L. ; Pfeufer, A. & Stuempflen, V.: Cis-acting polymorphisms affect complex traits through modifications of microRNA regulation pathways. PLoS ONE 7:e36694 (2012)
Arnold, M. et al.: Network-based SNP meta-analysis identifies joint and disjoint genetic features across common human diseases. BMC Genomics 13:490 (2012)
Mewes, H.-W. ; Wachinger, B. & Stuempflen, V.: Mit semantischem Text Mining von biologischen Netzwerken zum Börsenkurs. BioSpektrum 18, 333-335 (2012)
Orchard, S.* et al.: Protein interaction data curation: The International Molecular Exchange (IMEx) consortium. Nat. Methods 9, 345-350 (2012)
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