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Knoch, K.-P. et al.: CVB5 proteases 2A reduces insulin granule maturation only indirect. Diabetologia 61, S150-S150 (2018)
Oshima, M.* et al.: Virus-like infection induces human β cell dedifferentiation. JCI insight 3:97732 (2018)
Petzold, A. ; Solimena, M. & Knoch, K.-P.: Mechanisms of beta cell dysfunction associated with viral infection. Curr. Diab. Rep. 15:654 (2015)
Petzold, A. et al.: Coxsackievirus B5 infection and CVB5 proteases 2A and 3C both increase caspase 3/7 activity independently from apoptosis and reduce insulin granule cargoes in beta cells. Diabetologia 58, S229-S230 (2015)
Taudien, S.* et al.: Sequencing of BAC pools by different next generation sequencing platforms and strategies. BMC Res. Notes 4:411 (2011)
Coen, M.C.* et al.: Minimizing light absorption measurement artifacts of the Aethalometer: Evaluation of five correction algorithms. Atmos. Meas. Tech. 3, 457-474 (2010)
Mayer, K.F.X. et al.: Gene content and virtual gene order of barley chromosome 1H. Plant Physiol. 151, 496-505 (2009)
Steuernagel, B.* et al.: De novo 454 sequencing of barcoded BAC pools for comprehensive gene survey and genome analysis in the complex genome of barley. BMC Genomics 10:547 (2009)