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Neschen, S. et al.: Impact of brain fatty acid signaling on peripheral insulin action in mice. Exp. Clin. Endocrinol. Diabet. 126, accepted (2018)
Sartorius, T. ; Hennige, A.M. ; Fritsche, A. & Häring, H.-U.: Sustained treatment with insulin detemir in mice alters brain activity and locomotion. PLoS ONE 11:e0162124 (2016)
Gerst, F. et al.: The hepatokine fetuin-A has TLR4 dependent and independent effects in islets. Diabetologia 58, S45 (2015)
Gerst, F. et al.: Protein kinase Cδ regulates nuclear export of FOXO1 through phosphorylation of the chaperone 14-3-3ζ. Diabetologia 58, 2819-2831 (2015)
Sartorius, T. et al.: Mice lacking Free Fatty Acid Receptor 1 (GPR40/FFAR1) are protected against conjugated linoleic acid-induced fatty liver but develop inflammation and insulin resistance in the brain. Cell. Physiol. Biochem. 35, 2272-2284 (2015)
Sartorius, T. et al.: The brain response to peripheral insulin declines with age: A contribution of the blood-brain barrier? PLoS ONE 10:e0126804 (2015)
Sartorius, T. et al.: Cinnamon extract improves insulin sensitivity in the brain and lowers liver fat in mouse models of obesity. PLoS ONE 9:e92358 (2014)
Heni, M. et al.: Evidence for altered transport of insulin across the blood-brain barrier in insulin-resistant humans. Acta Diabetol. 51, 679-681 (2013)
Sartorius, T. et al.: Insulin action in the brain depends on whole-body insulin sensitivity. Diabetologia 56, S297 (2013)
Sartorius, T. et al.: Leptin affects insulin action in astrocytes and impairs insulin-mediated physical activity. Cell. Physiol. Biochem. 30, 238-246 (2012)
Sartorius, T. et al.: Association of common genetic variants in the MAP4K4 locus with prediabetic traits in humans. PLoS ONE 7:e47647 (2012)