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Illner, D.* et al.: Remodeling of nuclear architecture by the thiodioxoxpiperazine metabolite chaetocin. Exp. Cell Res. 316, 1662-1680 (2010)
Abel, J.* ; Eskeland, R.* ; Raffa, G.D.* ; Kremmer, E. & Imhof, A.*: Drosophila HP1c is regulated by an auto-regulatory feedback loop through its binding partner Woc. PLoS ONE 4:e5089 (2009)
Scharf, A.N.* et al.: Monomethylation of lysine 20 on histone H4 facilitates chromatin maturation. Mol. Cell. Biol. 29, 57-67 (2009)
Schweikert, B. et al.: Intervention study shows outpatient cardiac rehabilitation to be economically at least as attractive as inpatient rehabilitation. Clin. Res. Cardiol. 98, 787-795 (2009)
Duvezin-Caubet, S.* et al.: OPA1 processing reconstituted in yeast depends on the subunit composition of the m-AAA protease in mitochondria. Mol. Biol. Cell 18, 3582-3590 (2007)
Rathmann, W.* et al.: Is inflammation a causal chain between low socioeconomic status and type 2 diabetes? Results from the KORA survey 2000. Eur. J. Epidemiol. 21, 55-60 (2006)
Schmitt, S.* et al.: Proteome analysis of mitochondrial outer membrane from Neurospora crassa. Proteomics 6, 72-80 (2006)
Imhof, A.* et al.: Overall alcohol intake, beer, wine, and systemic markers of inflammation in western Europe: Results from three MONICA samples (Augsburg, Glasgow, Lille). Eur. Heart J. 25, 2092-2100 (2004)
Fröhlich, M.* et al.: Markers of inflammation in woman on different hormone replacement therapies. Ann. Med. 35, 353-361 (2003)
Fröhlich, M.* et al.: Independent association of various smoking characteristics with markers of systemic inflammation in men. Results from a representative sample of the general population (MONICA Augsburg Survey 1994/95). Eur. Heart J. 24, 1365-1372 (2003)
Fröhlich, M.* et al.: Oral contraceptive use is associated with a systemic acute phase response. Fibrinolysis & Proteolysis 13, 239-244 (1999)