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Ji, Y.* et al.: Genome-wide and abdominal MRI data provide evidence that a genetically determined favorable adiposity phenotype is characterized by lower ectopic liver fat and lower risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Diabetes 68, 207-219 (2019)
Allebrandt, K.V.* et al.: Identifying pathways modulating sleep duration: From genomics to transcriptomics. Sci. Rep. 7:4555 (2017)
Amin, N.* et al.: Genetic variants in RBFOX3 are associated with sleep latency. Eur. J. Hum. Genet. 24, 1488-1495 (2016)
Allebrandt, K.V.* et al.: Chronotype and sleep duration: The influence of season of assessment. Chronobiol. Int. 31, 731-740 (2014)
Allebrandt, K.V.* et al.: A KATP channel gene effect on sleep duration: From genome-wide association studies to function in Drosophila. Mol. Psychiatry 18, 122-132 (2013)
Allebrandt, K.V. et al.: CLOCK gene variants associate with sleep duration in two independent populations. Biol. Psychiatry 67, 1040-1047 (2010)