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André, V. et al.: Laboratory mouse housing conditions can be improved using common environmental enrichment without compromising data. PLoS Biol. 16:e2005019 (2018)
Fuchs, H. et al.: Understanding gene functions and disease mechanisms: Phenotyping pipelines in the German Mouse Clinic. Behav. Brain Res. 352, 187-196 (2017)
Price, P.J.* et al.: Complement component C5 recruits neutrophils in the absence of C3 during respiratory infection with modified vaccinia virus Ankara. J. Immunol. 194, 1164-1168 (2015)
Schönhuber, N.* et al.: A next-generation dual-recombinase system for time- and host-specific targeting of pancreatic cancer. Nat. Med. 20, 1340-1347 (2014)
Erkert, H.G.* ; Fernandez-Duque, E.* ; Rotundo, M.* & Scheideler, A.: Seasonal variation of temporal niche in wild owl monkeys (Aotus azarai azarai) of the Argentinean chaco: A matter of masking? Chronobiol. Int. 29, 702-714 (2012)