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Byrne, S.L.* et al.: A synteny-based draft genome sequence of the forage grass Lolium perenne. Plant J. 84, 816-826 (2015)
Czaban, A.* et al.: Comparative transcriptome analysis within the Lolium/Festuca species complex reveals high sequence conservation. BMC Genomics 16:249 (2015)
Kopecky, D.* et al.: Flow sorting and sequencing meadow fescue chromosome 4F. Plant Physiol. 163, 1323-1337 (2013)
Pfeifer, M. et al.: The Perennial Ryegrass GenomeZipper - targeted use of genome resources for comparative grass genomics. Plant Physiol. 161, 571-582 (2013)
Vigeland, M.D.* et al.: Evidence for adaptive evolution of low-temperature stress response genes in a Pooideae grass ancestor. New Phytol. 199, 1060-1068 (2013)
Studer, B.* et al.: A transcriptome map of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.). BMC Genomics 13:140 (2012)
Asp, T.* et al.: Comparative sequence analysis of VRN1 alleles of Lolium perenne with the co-linear regions in barley, wheat, and rice. Mol. Genet. Genomics 286, 433-447 (2011)