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Marenholz, I.* et al.: Meta-analysis identifies seven susceptibility loci involved in the atopic march. Nat. Commun. 6:8804 (2015)
Paternoster, L.* et al.: Multi-ancestry genome-wide association study of 21,000 cases and 95,000 controls identifies new risk loci for atopic dermatitis. Nat. Genet. 47, 1449-1456 (2015)
Paternoster, L.* et al.: A multi-ethnic genome-wide association study of 21000 cases and 95000 controls identifies 11 novel genetic variants associated with atopic dermatitis. Allergy 70, 82 (2015)
Rodriguez, E.* et al.: Targeted resequencing and finemapping identifies low-frequency missense variants in LRRC32 as risk factors for atopic dermatitis. Exp. Dermatol. 24, E17-E18 (2015)
Rodriguez, E.* et al.: Targeted resequencing and finemapping identifies functional low-frequency missense variants in LRRC32 as risk factors for atopic dermatitis. J. Invest. Dermatol. 135, S58 (2015)
Schaarschmidt, H.* et al.: A genome-wide association study reveals 2 new susceptibility loci for atopic dermatitis.ϖ J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 136, 802-806 (2015)
Stuart, P.E.* et al.: Genome-wide association analysis of psoriatic arthritis and cutaneous psoriasis reveals differences in their genetic architecture. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 97, 816-836 (2015)
Toncheva, A.A.* et al.: Childhood asthma is associated with mutations and gene expression differences of ORMDL genes which can interact. Allergy 70, 1288-1299 (2015)
Witoelar, A.W.* et al.: Genome wide pleiotropic study in 144,701 subjects reveals shared genetic variants between Parkinson's disease and immune-mediated diseases. Mov. Disord. 30, S412 (2015)
Arking, D.E.* et al.: Genetic association study of QT interval highlights role for calcium signaling pathways in myocardial repolarization. Nat. Genet. 46, 826-836 (2014)
Backes, C.* et al.: Systematic permutation testing in GWAS pathway analyses: Identification of genetic networks in dilated cardiomyopathy and ulcerative colitis. BMC Genomics 15:622 (2014)
Bettecken, T.* et al.: Next Generation Sequencing in der diagnostischen Praxis. Med. Genet. 26, 21-27 (2014)
de Jong, T.M.* et al.: SLC23A1 polymorphism rs6596473 in the vitamin C transporter SVCT1 is associated with aggressive periodontitis. J. Clin. Periodontol. 41, 531-540 (2014)
Hotze, M.* et al.: Genome-wide comparative analysis of atopic eczema and psoriasis gives insight into disease mechanisms. Exp. Dermatol. 23, E21 (2014)
Knoll, N.* et al.: Mitochondrial DNA variants in obesity. PLoS ONE 9:e94882 (2014)
Kretschmer, A. et al.: A common atopy-associated variant in the TH2 cytokine locus control region impacts transcriptional regulation and alters SMAD3 and SP1 binding. Allergy 69, 632-642 (2014)
Reinthaler, E.M.* et al.: 16p11.2 600 kb duplications confer risk for typical and atypical Rolandic epilepsy. Hum. Mol. Genet. 23, 6069-6080 (2014)
Schieck, M.* et al.: Genetic variation in TH17 pathway genes, childhood asthma, and total serum IgE levels. J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 133, 888-891 (2014)
Sharma, V.* et al.: Fine-mapping of IgE-associated loci 1q23, 5q31, and 12q13 using 1000 Genomes Project data. Allergy 69, 1077-1084 (2014)
Ellinghaus, D.* et al.: High-density genotyping study identifies four new susceptibility loci for atopic dermatitis. Nat. Genet. 45, 808-812 (2013)