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Martel, S.* et al.: Large, chemically diverse dataset of logP measurements for benchmarking studies. Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. 48, 21-29 (2013)
Mannhold, R.* ; Poda, G.I.* ; Ostermann, C.* & Tetko, I.V.: Calculation of molecular lipophilicity: State-of-the-art and comparison of log P methods on more than 96,000 compounds. J. Pharm. Sci. 98, 861-893 (2009)
Tetko, I.V. ; Poda, G.I.* ; Ostermann, C.* & Mannhold, R.*: Accurate in silico log P predictions: One can't embrace the unembraceable. Mol. Inform. 28, 845-849 (2009)
Tetko, I.V. ; Poda, G.I.* ; Ostermann, C.* & Mannhold, R.*: Large-scale evaluation of log P predictors: Local corrections may compensate insufficient accuracy and need of experimentally testing every other compound. Chem. Biodivers. 6, 1837-1844 (2009)