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Dudeck, J.* et al.: Engulfment of mast cell secretory granules on skin inflammation boosts dendritic cell migration and priming efficiency. J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 143, 1849-1864.e4 (2019)
Dudeck, A.* et al.: Mast cells as protectors of health. J. Allergy Clin. Immunol., accepted (2018)
Dudeck, J.* et al.: Mast cells acquire MHC II from dendritic cells during skin inflammation. J. Exp. Med. 214, 3791-3811 (2017)
Blobel, B.* ; Dudeck, J.* ; Engelbrecht, R. ; Gell, G.* & Prokosch, H.-U.*: Special Issue : MIE 2000 Medical Infobahn for Europe. Int. J. Med. Inform. 64, 67 (2001)
Engelbrecht, R. et al.: Telematics in Health Care : Medical Infobahn for Europe. MIE 2000/GMDS 2000: Proceedings. , ohne Zählung (2000)