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Bastidas-Ponce, A. et al.: Foxa2 and Pdx1 cooperatively regulate postnatal maturation of pancreatic β-cells. Mol. Metab. 6, 524-534 (2017)
Bastidas-Ponce, A. ; Scheibner, K. ; Lickert, H. & Bakhti, M.: Cellular and molecular mechanisms coordinating pancreas development. Development 144, 2873-2888 (2017)
Böttcher, A. ; Lickert, H. & Tschöp, M.H.: Engineering skin with skinny genes. Cell Stem Cell 21, 153-155 (2017)
Hockman, D.* et al.: Evolution of the hypoxia-sensitive cells involved in amniote respiratory reflexes. eLife 6:e21231 (2017)
Kabra, U.D. et al.: Direct substrate delivery into mitochondrial-fission deficient pancreatic islets rescues insulin secretion. Diabetes 66, 1247-1257 (2017)
Korostylev, A. et al.: A high-content small molecule screen identifies novel inducers of definitive endoderm. Mol. Med. 6, 640-650 (2017)
Lickert, H. & Kaestner, K.H.*: Islet biology. Mol. Metab. 6, VI-VI (2017)
Quarta, C. et al.: Molecular integration of incretin and glucocorticoid action reverses immunometabolic dysfunction and obesity. Cell Metab. 26, 620-632.e6 (2017)
Rotter, M. et al.: Stability of targeted metabolite profiles of urine samples under different storage conditions. Metabolomics 13:4 (2017)
Schmitz, F. ; Burtscher, I. ; Stauber, M.* ; Gossler, A.* & Lickert, H.: A novel Cre-inducible knock-in ARL13B-tRFP fusion cilium reporter. Genesis 55:e23073 (2017)
Tritschler, S. ; Theis, F.J. ; Lickert, H. & Böttcher, A.: Systematic single-cell analysis provides new insights into heterogeneity and plasticity of the pancreas. Mol. Metab. 6, 974-990 (2017)
Yamauchi, K.* et al.: Netrin-1 derived from the ventricular zone, but not the floor plate, directs hindbrain commissural axons to the ventral midline. Sci. Rep. 7:11992 (2017)
Bader, E. et al.: Identification of proliferative and mature β-cells in the islets of Langerhans. Nature 535, 430-434 (2016)
Bortsova, G. et al.: Mitosis detection in intestinal crypt images with hough forest and conditional random fields. Lecture Notes Comp. Sci. 10019, 287-295 (2016)
Hoppe, P.S. et al.: Early myeloid lineage choice is not initiated by random PU.1 to GATA1 protein ratios. Nature 535, 299-302 (2016)
Jung, B. et al.: Pitchfork and Gprasp2 target smoothened to the primary cilium for Hedgehog pathway activation. PLoS ONE 11:e0149477 (2016)
Jung, B. et al.: Novel small molecules targeting ciliary transport of smoothened and oncogenic Hedgehog pathway activation. Sci. Rep. 6:22540 (2016)
Migliorini, A. ; Roscioni, S. & Lickert, H.: Targeting insulin-producing beta cells for regenerative therapy. Diabetologia 59, 1838-1842 (2016)
Petrezselyova, S.* et al.: Homology arms of targeting vectors for gene insertions and Crispr/Cas9 technology: Size does not matter; quality control of targeted clones does. Cell. Mol. Biol. Lett. 20, 773-787 (2016)
Roscioni, S. ; Migliorini, A. ; Gegg, M. & Lickert, H.: Impact of islet architecture on β-cell heterogeneity, plasticity and function. Nat. Rev. Endocrinol. 12, 695-709 (2016)