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Wang, X. et al.: Generation of a human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) line from a patient with family history of diabetes carrying a C18R mutation in the PDX1 gene. Stem Cell Res. 17, 292-295 (2016)
Wang, X. et al.: Generation of a human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) line from a patient carrying a P33T mutation in the PDX1 gene. Stem Cell Res. 17, 273-276 (2016)
Willmann, S. et al.: The global gene expression profile of the secondary transition during pancreatic development. Mech. Dev. 139, 51-64 (2016)
Johansson, E.* et al.: Revising the embryonic origin of thyroid C cells in mice and humans. Development 142, 3519-3528 (2015)
Migliorini, A. & Lickert, H.: Beyond association: A functional role for Tcf7l2 in β-cell development. Mol. Metab. 4, 365-366 (2015)
Preusse, M. et al.: SimiRa: A tool to identify coregulation between microRNAs and RNA-binding proteins. RNA Biol. 12, 998-1009 (2015)
Schlüssel, E. ; Migliorini, A. ; Bader, E. & Lickert, H.: Diabetes mellitus: Zelluläre Plastizität und Perspektiven für die regenerative Therapie. For. Med. Exz. Med. 5, 43-47 (2015)
Schmitz, F. ; Roscioni, S. & Lickert, H.: Repurposing an osteoporosis drug for β cell regeneration in diabetic patients. Cell Metab. 22, 58-59 (2015)
Gegg, M. et al.: Flattop regulates basal body docking and positioning in mono- and multiciliated cells. eLife 3:e03842 (2014)
Goldman, O.* et al.: Endoderm generates endothelial cells during liver development. Stem Cell Rep. 3, 556-565 (2014)
Migliorini, A. ; Bader, E. & Lickert, H.: Islet cell plasticity and regeneration. Mol. Metab. 3, 268–274 (2014)
Yang, D. et al.: miR-335 promotes mesendodermal lineage segregation and shapes a transcription factor gradient in the endoderm. Development 141, 514-525 (2014)
Burtscher, I. ; Barkey, W. & Lickert, H.: Foxa2-venus fusion reporter mouse line allows live-cell analysis of endoderm-derived organ formation. Genesis 51, 596-604 (2013)
Engert, S. et al.: Wnt/β-catenin signalling regulates Sox17 expression and is essential for organizer and endoderm formation in the mouse. Development 140, 3128-3138 (2013)
Engert, S. ; Burtscher, I. ; Kalali, B.* ; Gerhard, M.* & Lickert, H.: The Sox17CreERT2 knock-in mouse line displays spatiotemporal activation of Cre recombinase in distinct Sox17 lineage progenitors. Genesis 51, 793-802 (2013)
Filipczyk, A. et al.: Biallelic expression of nanog protein in mouse embryonic stem cells. Cell Stem Cell 13, 12-13 (2013)
Lickert, H.: Betatrophin fuels β cell proliferation: First step toward regenerative therapy? Cell Metab. 18, 5-6 (2013)
Rinck, A. et al.: The human transcriptome is enriched for miRNA-binding sites located in cooperativity-permitting distance. RNA Biol. 10, 1125-1135 (2013)
Burtscher, I. ; Barkey, W. ; Schwarzfischer, M. ; Theis, F.J. & Lickert, H.: The Sox17-mCherry fusion mouse line allows visualization of endoderm and vascular endothelial development. Genesis 50, 496-505 (2012)
Gardiner, J.R.* et al.: Localised inhibition of FGF signalling in the third pharyngeal pouch is required for normal thymus and parathyroid organogenesis. Development 139, 3456-3466 (2012)