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Horn, S.* et al.: Mind bomb 1 is required for pancreatic β-cell formation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109, 7356-7361 (2012)
Lange, A. et al.: FltpT2AiCre: A new knock-in mouse line for conditional gene targeting in distinct mono- and multiciliated tissues. Differentiation 83, S105-S113 (2012)
Lickert, H. & van Campenhout, C.A.: Evolution of the Discs large gene family provides new insights into the establishment of apical epithelial polarity and the etiology of mental retardation. Commun. Integr. Biol. 5, 287-290 (2012)
Raducanu, A. & Lickert, H.: Understanding pancreas development for β-cell repair and replacement therapies. Curr. Diab. Rep. 12, 481-489 (2012)
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Simon, C. ; Lickert, H. ; Götz, M. & Dimou, L.: Sox10-iCreERT2 : A mouse line to inducibly trace the neural crest and oligodendrocyte lineage. Genesis 50, 506-515 (2012)
Wang-Sattler, R. et al.: Novel biomarkers for pre-diabetes identified by metabolomics. Mol. Syst. Biol. 8:615 (2012)
David, R.* et al.: Induction of MesP1 by Brachyury(T) generates the common multipotent cardiovascular stem cell. Cardiovasc. Res. 92, 115-122 (2011)
Simrick, S.* ; Lickert, H. & Basson, M.A.*: Sprouty genes are essential for the normal development of epibranchial ganglia in the mouse embryo. Dev. Biol. 358, 147-155 (2011)
van Campenhout, C.A. et al.: Dlg3 trafficking and apical tight junction formation is regulated by Nedd4 and Nedd4-2 E3 ubiquitin ligases. Dev. Cell 21, 479-491 (2011)
Cox, B.J.* et al.: Phenotypic annotation of the mouse X chromosome. Genome Res. 20, 1154-1164 (2010)
Kinzel, D. et al.: Pitchfork regulates primary cilia disassembly and left-right asymmetry. Dev. Cell 19, 66-77 (2010)
Nikoletopoulou, V.* et al.: Neurotrophin receptors TrkA and TrkC cause neuronal death whereas TrkB does not. Nature 467, 59-63 (2010)
Burtscher, I. & Lickert, H.: Foxa2 regulates polarity and epithelialization in the endoderm germ layer of the mouse embryo. Development 136, 1029-1038 (2009)
Engert, S. ; Liao, W.P. ; Burtscher, I. & Lickert, H.: Sox17-2A-iCre: A knock-in mouse line expressing Cre recombinase in endoderm and vascular endothelial cells. Genesis 47, 603-610 (2009)
Liao, W.P. ; Uetzmann, L. ; Burtscher, I. & Lickert, H.: Generation of a mouse line expressing Sox17-driven Cre recombinase with specific activity in arteries. Genesis 47, 476-483 (2009)
David, R.* et al.: MesP1 drives vertebrate cardiovascular differentiation through Dkk-1-mediated blockade of Wnt-signalling. Nat. Cell Biol. 10, 338-345 (2008)
Egea, J.* et al.: Genetic ablation of FLRT3 reveals a novel morphogenetic function for the anterior visceral endoderm in suppressing mesoderm differentiation. Genes Dev. 22, 3349-3362 (2008)
Tamplin, O.J.* et al.: Microarray analysis of Foxa2 mutant mouse embryos reveals novel gene expression and inductive roles for the gastrula organizer and its derivatives. BMC Genomics 9:511 (2008)
Uetzmann, L. ; Burtscher, I. & Lickert, H.: A mouse line expressing Foxa2-driven Cre recombinase in node, notochord, floorplate, and endoderm. Genesis 46, 515-522 (2008)