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Wange, L.E.* et al.: Analyzing transcriptional profiles of childhood ALL at single cell resolution. Ann. Hematol. 98, S63-S64 (2019)
Mueller, S.* et al.: Evolutionary routes and KRAS dosage define pancreatic cancer phenotypes. Nature 554, 62-68 (2018)
Mueller, S.* et al.: Evolutionary trajectories and KRAS gene dosage define pancreatic cancer phenotypes. Cancer Res. 78 (2018)
Passerini, V.* et al.: PARP14 is a novel therapeutic target in STAT6 mutant follicular lymphoma. Blood 132 (2018)
Zeller, C. et al.: Characterization of Functional Heterogeneity of a Patient’s Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells in a Xenograft Mouse Model. Poster: XXII. Wilsede Meeting 2018, 30 June - 03 July 2018, Wilsede, Germany. (2018)
Bagnoli, J.* et al.: Transcriptional heterogeneity in AML - evolution of gene expression in patient derived xenografts. Ann. Hematol. 96, S59-S59 (2017)
Krendl, C. et al.: GATA2/3-TFAP2A/C transcription factor network couples human pluripotent stem cell differentiation to trophectoderm with repression of pluripotency. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 114, E9579-E9588 (2017)
Oezdemir, E. ; Ziegenhain, C.* ; Panzer-Gruenmayer, R.* ; Enard, W.* & Jeremias, I.: A preclinical PDX model for patients` minimal residual disease in ALL. Ann. Hematol. 96, S74-S74 (2017)
Regev, A.* et al.: The Human Cell Atlas. eLife 6:e27041 (2017)
Valtierra-Gutierrez, I.A.* et al.: Detection of single-nucleotide variants in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) from bulk and single-cell RNA sequencing. Ann. Hematol. 96, S57-S57 (2017)
Ebinger, S. et al.: Characterization of rare, dormant, and therapy-resistant cells in acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Cancer Cell 30, 849-862 (2016)
Oezdemir, E. et al.: A rare subpopulation of dormant, drug resistant stem cells in all mimics cells of minimal residual disease. Exp. Hematol. 44, S94-S94 (2016)
Ebinger, S. et al.: Single cell RNA sequencing reveals increased adhesion signals in treatment-resistant tumor stem cells in a preclinical mouse model of genetically engineered patient-derived acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Blood 126:2630 (2015)
Enard, W.* et al.: A humanized version of Foxp2 affects cortico-basal ganglia circuits in mice. Cell 137, 961-971 (2009)
Enard, W.* et al.: A mouse model for human-specific changes in FOXP2, a gene important for speech and language. Vortrag: Neuroscience Conference, 3-07 November 2007, San Diego, USA. (2007)