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Koch, M.* et al.: Serum metabolomic profiling highlights pathways associated with liver fat content in a general population sample. Eur. J. Clin. Nutr. 71, 995–1001 (2017)
Tiller, D.* et al.: Association of serum TSH with anthropometric markers of obesity in the general population. Thyroid 26, 1205-1214 (2016)
Arking, D.E.* et al.: Genetic association study of QT interval highlights role for calcium signaling pathways in myocardial repolarization. Nat. Genet. 46, 826-836 (2014)
den Hoed, M.* et al.: Identification of heart rate-associated loci and their effects on cardiac conduction and rhythm disorders. Nat. Genet. 45, 621-631 (2013)
Ittermann, T.* et al.: Metformin inhibits goitrogenous effects of type 2 diabetes. Eur. J. Endocrinol. 169, 9-15 (2013)
Markus, M.R.* et al.: Effects of smoking on arterial distensibility, central aortic pressures and left ventricular mass. Int. J. Cardiol. 168, 2593-2601 (2013)
Coviello, A.D.* et al.: A genome-wide association meta-analysis of circulating sex hormone-binding globulin reveals multiple loci implicated in sex steroid hormone regulation. PLoS Genet. 8:e1002805 (2012)
Markus, M.R.* et al.: Implications of prevalent and incident diabetes mellitus on left ventricular geometry and function in the ageing heart: The MONICA/KORA Augsburg cohort study. Nutr. Metab. Cardiovasc. Dis. 21, 189-196 (2011)
Stritzke, J.* et al.: Association between degenerative aortic valve disease and long-term exposure to cardiovascular risk factors: Results of the longitudinal population-based KORA/MONICA survey. Eur. Heart J. 30, 2044-2053 (2009)
Stritzke, J.* et al.: The aging process of the heart: Obesity is the main risk factor for left atrial enlargement during aging the MONICA/KORA (monitoring of trends and determinations in cardiovascular disease/cooperative research in the region of Augsburg) study. J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. 54, 1982-1989 (2009)